Hello Community Members,

We are pleased to announce to you that Deswap will be commencing its first private IDO sale exclusively on Cafeswap and 240,000 $DAW tokens will be distributed among early investors.

This private sale will only be avaliable on the Cafeswap Finance platform.

Benefits and Conditions of $DWAP Airdrop :

Deswaps rewards token $DWAP Will launched immediately after launch of project.

Eligibility for free $DWAP based on the amount of USD participated in our presale:

Between 301–800 USD – 1500 DWAP Tokens

Between 801 – 999 USD – 2000 DWAP Tokens

Between 1000–5000 USD – 3000 DWAP Tokens

After 5000–10,000 USD – 5,000 DWAP Tokens

Above 10,000 USD – 10,000 DWAP Tokens

Only presale investors are available to claim initial Airdrop of 3000 $DWAP. each and investors must need to buy atleast 150 USD worth of $DAW.

$DAW Token Private Sale Details :

Total tokens available for private sale: 240,000 DAW

Token Rate: 2.5 USD per token

Sale Platform: Only on Cafeswap ( Date: 9th July, 2021

Time: 1 pm UTC

How To Participate in Deswap IDO Sale

Here’s a guide on how to be a part of the $DAW Pre Sale ICO, which is expected to take place on the 9th of July, 2021

In simple, the $DAW token allotment per pool will proceed accordingly:

•75% to the BNB pool

•25% to the BREW pool

Note: Sale is exclusive on CafeSwap. Visit: before sale commences.

During Sale

Here the Twist comes, Unlike the Traditional IFO/ICO Contract Method We have made slight changes in this.

From the Total Pool of 240,000 DAW tokens we will give 75% Allocation to BNB Pool and 25% Allocation to BREW Pool.

You Don’t need to Commit LPs anymore for this Pre Sale. You Can Commit Single

BNB or Single BREW to separate pool to Participate in this Pre Sale.

Before Sale

•Buy BREW and BNB tokens

•Or Buy MOCHA and BNB tokens

•Get BREW-BNB LP tokens by adding BREW-BNB Liquidity

•Or Get MOCHA-BNB LP tokens by adding MOCHA and BNB Liquidity

How To Buy BNB Using Trust wallet

  • Use the link to download trustwallet app for iOS –
  • • Click the link to download trustwallet app for Andriod users –
  • • Register on trustwallet and click the buy button
  • • Write the amount of BNB you want to buy, click next and proceed to payment

Steps to Buy Brew OR Moncha

  • Download trustwallet app or metamask
  • • Open your Dapp browser on trutwallet
  • • Make sure to have BNB token in your wallet
  • • Go to
  • • Click Unlock to connect your wallet using trustwallett
  • • Change your network to Binance smart chain
  • • Click on select a currency and search for ‘Brew OR Moncha’
  • • Input the amount of BNB to buy Brew OR Moncha
  • • Click swap or Buy
  • • You’ll get a transaction success if you have successfully bought Brew OR Moncha

How To Add Brew – BNB liquidity

  • Using your Dapp browser on trustwallet, Go to
  • • Click on Dex
  • • Click on add liquidity OR click on this link directly using either trustwallet OR metamask –
  • Commit BNB – Brew LP
  • Claim tokens


Claim the tokens you bought, along with any unspent funds. •There you have your $DAW tokens!

Attention! To make any transactions with the Brew OR Moncha coin in the Binance Smart Chain network, you must have a BNB coin on your balance. Fees for transactions with the token are calculated only in BNB, so all fees will be automatically deducted from your BNB balance. If your wallet does not have the BNB cryptocurrency, then the Binance Smart Chain blockchain will not be able to carry out any of your transactions with the Brew or Moncha token!

Deswap Media Contact

Website: and




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