Deswap will be commencing its private ICO sale exclusively on Cafeswap. 240,000 $DAW tokens will be distributed among early investors.

ICO is considered one of the most important innovations in DeFi. This decentralized fundraising model has been helping thousands of crypto projects to get sufficient financial support to help materialize their visions into real DeFi applications.

Participating in this private sale places early investors ahead of the game. Investors can financially support early-stage promising projects. In exchange, they receive tokens representing the project at a discount; therefore, their upside is more significant than those who come in later.

$DAW Private ICO Sale Details

Total tokens available for private sale: 240,000 DAW

Token Rate: 2.5 USD per token

Sale Platform: Exclusive on Cafeswap

Date: 9th July 2021

Time: 1 pm UTC

How To Participate in Deswap ICO Sale

In simple, the $DAW token allotment per pool will proceed accordingly:

•75% to the BNB pool

•25% to the BREW pool

Note: Sale is exclusive on CafeSwap. Visit: before sale commences.

Before Sale

•Buy BREW and BNB tokens

•Or Buy MOCHA and BNB tokens

•Get BREW-BNB LP tokens by adding BREW-BNB Liquidity

•Or Get MOCHA-BNB LP tokens by adding MOCHA and BNB Liquidity

During Sale

•While the sale is live, commit your CAFE LP tokens to Claim Deswap $DAW tokens.


•Claim there tokens you bought, along with any unspent funds.

•There you have your $DAW tokens!

About Deswap

Deswap powers the world’s first decentralized stablecoin (YAI) built on the Polygon network, backed by a basket of other stable coins and crypto assets with no centralized control.

DeSwap brings change to the interaction between lenders and borrowers so that people can exchange assets without seamlessly losing their funds in the form of higher gas fees. On the Polygon chain, the Deswap Protocol is designed to enable a comprehensive algorithmic money market protocol.

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First ever synthetic stable coin built on Polygon chain